5021 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97206
Phone: (503) 772.2907

Located in: Southeast Portland - Visit Website
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BarFly's Review of DV8

Spacious peeler palace with two racks, faux fireplace with cozy easy chairs, two pool tables, and never a cover. Friendly girls, personable servers. Small, covered smoking patio out back serves double duty as de facto V.I.P. room for the ladies, if you're one of those guys who actually likes to 'talk' to the girls.

Open 2pm-2:15am daily.

$3.50 select cocktails and $2 select beers at all hours, every day.

$2.50 well and domestics, $4 micros and imports 4-7pm every day

DV8's Happy Hours
Monday$2.50 well and domestics, $4 micros and imports, HH food 4-7pm
$1 off for SIN
Tuesday$2.50 well and domestics, $4 micros and imports, HH food 4-7pm
$1 off for SIN
Wednesday$2.50 well and domestics, $4 micros and imports, HH food 4-7pm
$1 off for SIN
Thursday$2.50 well and domestics, $4 micros and imports, HH food 4-7pm
$1 off for SIN
Friday$2.50 well and domestics, $4 micros and imports, HH food 4-7pm
Saturday$2.50 well and domestics, $4 micros and imports, HH food 4-7pm
Sunday$2.50 well and domestics, $4 micros and imports, HH food 4-7pm
$1 off for SIN
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Reader Reviews of DV8
DV8 has 4.5 out of 5 based on 11 ratings and 32 user reviews.

This place continues to rock! Great attitude from bartender. She didn't charge me for water and didn't hassle me. Very sweet. The dancers are a wide variety.

Reviewed By BarFly User SaxnBall on January 25, 2012, 12:58 pm

In one word it's amazing! the only club in Portland that I've been to twice! If you do go there ask for Lucy! She's kinda new but she's HOT HOT HOT! Will get juices flowing!! I loved her! worth ever dollar I spent! The drinks were amazing for the price! Very strong! I can't wait to go again!

Reviewed Anonymously by Brittany on November 29, 2011, 2:23 am
Dv8 Review

Came here Thursday around 8 oclock. Was greated by a middleaged bartender named Randy and i almost left. Stripjoints should have female bartneders right? Not anymore. This dude is my favorite bartneder now! Fast and funny as shit! The food was top notch. Couldnt have ever asked for better even in an italian food joint. The dancers were pretty and frendly. Not the best. But probably he best in feleony flats. The place was unusually clean. Espeacially for a place that has stackable purple chairs around the stage. But the service and atmosphere was top notch. I talked to another dude who said he'd been coming here for years. If you want flashy and pretty, go down town. But if you want your home away from home and to be treated like a king, go toDV8!!

Reviewed Anonymously by Marty Davis on September 26, 2011, 10:40 am
Hell Ya, Dv8!

Wow! Just left Dv8. Th girls were hot, the drinks fairly priced and the staff was awesome and busty hehe. Thumbs up (and another body part)

Reviewed Anonymously by Brice on June 7, 2011, 11:21 pm
Great Dive/Strip Club

Visiting a friend in Portland this weekend and he started feeling a little under the weather and decided to call it an early night. I wasn't going to waste a trip to the "Strip Club Capital of the US," so he suggested a few places nearby in SE. He actually suggested Devil's Point, but I'm glad I made the choice to go to DV8 instead!

The place looks and feels like a dive, which is a positive in my opinion. Typical strip club dark lighting with a lot of black lights & neon. The bartender was nice and I actually got a couple good Long Islands from her. I honestly wasn't expecting them to be as good as they were, but this place did me right.

Now for the girls. This place has all kinds of girls, so you're bound to find your "type" here, whatever that may be. White, Black, skinny, thick, blonde, brunette, tattooed or au naturale--there is a girl here for you. They are very friendly and not pushy at all. I prefer skinny/younger looking girls and this place did not disappoint!

The girls rotate on and off the two stages just about every two songs. I was absolutely captivated by "Ella," a little blonde with a tight, smoking body. After her set I got a private dance that was fantastic. Very sensual and intimate, she definitely earned her money and then some! I saw another girl on stage named "Evie," that also caught my eye. After her set, she approached me. We started talking and she claimed it was her first week as a dancer. I thought she was going to be pushy and demanding, but she sat and we just talked for a while, with no mention of a dance. I eventually offered her and she accepted with a smile. Her private dance was different, but in the best possible way. She basically got naked and gave me a chest & shoulder massage. It caught me off guard at first, but I found it very relaxing. There was a lot of eye contact and smiling. If it wasn't in a strip club, I'd almost want to use the word "romantic" to describe it. After that, I watched a few more stage shows, then got another private dance from Ella on the last few songs of the night. Again... DAMN! She put her heart and soul into that lap dance, lemme tell ya!

I haven't been to a lot of strip clubs, but this was probably the best strip club experience I've ever had, other than my very first trip to a club when I turned 18. If I'm ever in Portland again, I'll definitely make another stop in. Totally worth the time and money.

Reviewed Anonymously by Jiggity on May 14, 2011, 7:27 am

Great club. Girls reflect varied preferences-- usually an excellent mix, Bartenders also know how to mix..

Chill spot, no hassles. Easily the best and lowest stress club to visit along the Foster/Powell corridor.

Reviewed Anonymously by 3nutz on January 2, 2011, 4:27 am
Glad I came by

I almost didn't come here. but don't judge a book by it's cover. Although the purple outside of the building screams "keep on going down the street" I came in anyway after have a bad experience earlier in the week. The bartender Bianca was smoking hot and she knew her way around too. The place was really busy and she was putting out the drinks like nothing i'd ever seen before. The girls were good. Most of them. And frindly too. Tensy? was for sure the frindliest girl I have ever met. When she smiled at you... wow!

Two high back chairs infront of a fire place. Plush seating infront of an old brick wall. lotso room at the bar... if you can get a seat. Plenty of seating. Stackable chairs at the rack?? I'll let that one slide, cause I just found my new home!

And great burgers too! never thought you could get a good burger in a strip joint!

Reviewed Anonymously by Mr. Smith on December 24, 2010, 11:12 am
fun place

My wife and I were in Portland last weekend and ended up hitting some strip clubs for the second time ever. Made it to 4 different places that night but this was our favorite. Two stages, cheap drinks, and the girls were super nice. I think everyone of them introduced themselves to us. Lucky gave us an unforgetable 'couples' lap dance.

Reviewed Anonymously by ericnsteph on August 27, 2010, 11:19 pm
chill place

Definitely one of my favorite strip clubs. They have stiff drinks, the girls are generally hot, and most of the time you see different girls because they have an open stage. Never tried the buffet so I have no opinion on that, but I am definitely a fan of this place.

Reviewed Anonymously by mike on June 29, 2010, 6:54 pm

Dv8 has been my favorite for years. The staff is top notch. Best burgers in town. Cute dancers. And lots of female customers coming in too. That's weird, but I likes it!!

Reviewed Anonymously by Craig on June 17, 2010, 10:22 am
Tammy & Jenny

The place is great and everyone is nice and to top it off the new door guy is freaking hot and so sexy that i want to take him home with me to play with lol anyways to top it all off the place is fun everyone gets along and the drinks and food is great see ya soon hi door guy yummmmmyyyyyy

Reviewed By BarFly User funtime on May 26, 2010, 2:16 pm

This place is awesome! I come in with my girl on a Monday night around 9ish. and we were drinking STRONG Jack n cokes for $3.50. I thought the bartender (a 6' tall blond bombshell!!) was screwing up, but another guy told me the drinks are always priced like this. And the dancers were hot tooo! And I didn't get repeatedly hustled like the bars down the street. The outside of the building was terrible ugly... purple? I almost didn't go in, but I am glad I did. Great bartender, awesome dancers! Every time we come to Portland now, we will be hitting up DV8!

Reviewed Anonymously by Dave22 on May 17, 2010, 2:53 pm
Hit and Miss

First time I went there this place was great, girls were hot, service was great and all around good time. It was a Saturday night around 10. Second time I went in it was like stepping into a completely different place. Same night of the week same time, a few of the girls were good looking but the first we saw dance looked like she had rolled out of bed not brushed her hair or teeth or showered for that matter and came to work. My guy, myself, and his friend sat at the rack, we tipped the 1 dollar per person per song because even when money was on our side of the rack she just came over brushed it onto the floor and walked back to the other side where she was having a nice chit chat with some guy on the other side. Towards the end of the routine, she came over and practically begged for tips and one of us put up another dollar and she took it and again when back to the non tipping guy on the other side. At the end of her turn she came over and had the balls to say "You can't sit here for free, if you're not going to tip grab a table!" I was floored and was tempted to tell this disgusting girl how horrible of a dancer she was but didn't. Seeing the next girl was pretty much the same and not wanting to tip another girl that didn't know what she was doing we did in fact grab a table. Cocktail Waitress seemed really nice took our drink orders (the place was hardly busy) an hour and a half later we left due to still waiting on the same drinks. (We're normally really good tippers but this night was just not what it should have been.) went with a pocket full of ones and came home and bought everything with ones for the next week.

Reviewed By BarFly User vancouverchick on April 15, 2010, 9:04 pm
sweet girls

I love that the girls at this club give the women at the rack just as much attention as the men. In many clubs I have gone to that has not been the case and I am a generous tipper. Every time I have been in, even on a Sunday night there are gorgeous approachable sweeties. The whole staff is friendly, no bitter service industry people here. Go, enjoy.

Reviewed Anonymously by lindsey lou on November 11, 2009, 3:13 pm
just do it

This is a great club for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact the women are very friendly. And if you hit it on a bad night, there are at least 5 quality strip clubs within a couple of miles.

Reviewed Anonymously by shyboy on October 13, 2009, 5:59 pm

I dont know what the few idiots that gave negative comments about DV8 were smokin when they went there, but you are full of it!

The girls are HOT ! THey are flirty, chatty, and continually engage you in conversation all evening. I must have gotten 20 skin to skin hugs that evening. I got a lap dance, and it was hands down the BEST lap dance that I have EVER gotten! I will definately be back!

Reviewed Anonymously by John doe on October 12, 2009, 2:21 am
Slow Service

I realize its a titty bar but I would like a drink. The bartender was too busy eating at the buffet to get me a drink. Waitress walked past me twice. After standing at bar being ignored for about 15 minutes I left. The Girls looked great but damn, I needed a drink.

Reviewed Anonymously by Definitely Not Dave on October 4, 2009, 9:16 am
I like DV8 too

Real good Happy Hour, great free buffet esp. on Tuesdays, which is Thanksgiving dinner! Perfect for when you don't feel like cooking, you don't exactly have to twist your boyfriend's arm to come here. And NO hip-hop! I don't have to listen to the same shit I always hear at work! Aces! And for a place that doesn't do hip-hop, there's refreshingly few dancers working the suicide girl look. Sorry, I know tattoos are permanent, but I think that look is getting played out. Sue me.

Reviewed By BarFly User Jinx on April 1, 2009, 10:30 am
Great place

I'm suprised to see all the negative reviews of this place. Maybe I went on a really good night, but it certainly earned a spot in Portland's top 5 strip joints in my opinion. The girls were well above average. The bartender was a friendly and attractive female. The atmosphere was cool and laid back. Great place.

Reviewed By BarFly User Jupiter on March 31, 2009, 5:06 am
Door Guy...He TUFF!

Right off the bat the door guy Jim told me how TUFF he was. He mentioned that if it wasn't for the camera's he would kick a lot more ass. Then he proceed to flex what I guess was supposed to be tuff like arms. Once inside I noticed the lighting was terrible but the drinks were good. The private dancer area is terrible. First you can see everything from the rest of the place and it is completely open at one end. The DJ's don't seem to care if you use your cell phone to take pictures of the dancers when you're at the rack as several guys were doing it and at no point did the Dj say " No cell phones at the rack" like any other club would do.So I guess that is a bad sign as far as how much value the dancers are deemed to be worth. If your cheap it's a great place since it is not mandatory to tip when at the rack. Any other club in the world requires at least a dollar per gilr per song when you are at the rack, but DV8 is not one of them. You can simply eat free food, not tip naked women and have Jim the door guy tell you how TUFF he is. I felt bad for the dancers actually when realizing they are looked at as cattle on the farm, there to make the owner money at any expense...

Reviewed Anonymously by Sparky The One Armed Scissor on September 16, 2008, 6:57 pm
Friendliest Dive Bar in Town

The place is a dive - but in this case, that's actually a compliment. Welcome to DV8, the friendliest dive bar in town.

The bartender was great, the bouncers friendly, and the girls - engaging and mostly hot. I'd been in the place for mere minutes before one of them walked up to me at the bar and began to flirt. And she wasn't the only one to do so.

Over the course of the evening, I actually had more "face time" with the dancers at DV8 than I've experienced at any other bar in town.

DV8 is nothing special to look at - in fact, a single dedicated person could vastly improve the place during the hours the club is closed with nothing more than some new lighting and a can of paint. But that's not why we go to strip clubs, right? The beer is good (prices about average), the employees professional and friendly, and the dancers? Hell, they're usually pretty hot. On the whole, the place is kind of fun to hang out in.

Reviewed By BarFly User wanderer on August 29, 2008, 2:13 pm
Thumbs up!

Portland strip clubs have gone downhill in the last few years, so much so that as much as I love naked women, I hardly ever go to the clubs any more. The vegas wannabe clubs like stars and dolphins: pay a cover charge to drink expensive small beers and be sneered at by plastic-titted stuck up Barbies. Boring! And they had the gall to raise the cover to 10 bucks when they had the girls put on boxing gloves and duke it out in a blow-up boxing ring instead of doing their dances onstage! Totally NOT sexy! The pinky-ring car salesmen in the area seemed to be eating it up, but that was the last straw for me. Now I go DV8. No cover, happy hour pricing with free food (donation jar), and silicone-free good-looking girls. Hats off to whoever is hiring the talent there. Other clubs offer ghetto-looking fatties while DV8 consistently fills the schedule with young hotties who manage to look like they're having fun onstage. Right on! I'll be back over and over for that. Cons: Smoke. Lighting in lap dance area. It's lighted by a spot on the outside of the sheer white curtain enclosure. It looks inviting to the casual eye, then you get in there and realize you can't see the girl very well 'cause she's silhouetted against the bright curtain. You get a much better show at the rack. No wonder the girls there don't try to sell private dances! Once is enough, now I change the twenties and use the singles to get an extra wink or two at the rack.

Reviewed Anonymously by Mill on June 18, 2008, 3:49 pm

The bar was cool...wait...the prices at the bar were cool. The bartender was a 56 year old whale of a woman, but nice enough I suppose. Now on to the creepy shit...

There is a Bettie Page looking girl there, very cute and looks way better with her clothes on! My buddy and I were sitting at the stage and she decides to tell us that she has 2 kids, and one of them was just born 2 months ago...then she did it...she shot milk out of her tit. She is lucky I didn't throw up all over her.

Why in the hell would a stripper even tell you that she has kids?!?!?!? It's obvious when i stare at your stretch marks, or C-Section scar and blown out nipples that you have kids. But come on, Im here to see hot naked chicks and indulge in a fantasy.....not watch you lactate. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed Anonymously by Dissapointed Dan on March 17, 2008, 4:42 pm
What Happened?

We hit the DV8 last weekend during a short tour of strip clubs. I'd been here maybe 3-4 times before, but not in about 4-5 months or so. It seems to be better... the bartender was very cool and made a great drink (and was courteous enough to ask how the drink was when I went up for a second). There were definitely a few very good looking dancers, and a few that...well... you might expect more on a saturday nite!

All in all it made the rotation again, although my guess is that the weekends are better overall.

Reviewed By BarFly User beav on September 11, 2007, 12:53 pm
"Hangout" and "Neighborhood" joint; I know

But Blanka from Streetfighter was the only one dancing, and for whatever reason, was doing really complicated twirls--not the stripper variety, but the Flashdance sort--with a bathrobe on no less. Nobody there, save for a game of pool. Goose and soda, then bounced. Slow Monday indeed.

Reviewed By BarFly User PDX Bar Fly on August 28, 2007, 12:23 am
Close encounter on a quiet Sunday night

Arrived on Sunday around 10PM. There were about 5-6 customers in the whole bar and only 2-3 customer were sitting by the stage or near it and rest are playing around the game and billiards. I saw 3 dancers working that time but this doesn't make the experience bad because 2 of them are very forward. Well, given there were only 2 customers around the stage it is actually is in dancer’s best interest to be engaging and personable as possible to get a table dance. Two of them were close enough to make the stage show a small private dance session. One of the dancers had her legs wrapped around me through out the 3 songs but still manage to keep enough distance to make the show legal. Being there before on a Saturday night several months ago but it was more crowded and the dancers weren't as close to the customers but still give a nice show. I do recall there were two dancers that were into teasing & being playful with each other on that night which make this bar stand out from others. There were 2 billiards, several video games, a pin ball machine, and a large screen TV with several smaller one scatters throughout the bar. The private dance too is given privately at the room in the back although I didn't get one this time.

Reviewed Anonymously by FrequentStripFlyerClub on July 24, 2007, 1:13 am
utterly depressing

This place made me want to join a Buddhist monastery and never look at a naked woman again. Utterly depressing, the stripper begged that I tip her cause I was the only one watching there (I was there a total of five minutes). Depressing, but I'm getting therapy and things are getting brighter, I think I'll survive...

Reviewed Anonymously by Xoloxolox on April 13, 2007, 11:50 pm
Fuck yeah!

Cheap whiskey, cheap pool and cheap food (that tastes good!). Hot strippers who seem to be having a fun time, real flirty and fun. The DJ was kind of a dick trying to get us to tip on girls we weren't even fully watching while we were playing pool but I'll let that slide because the server at the bar was real attentive and even brought us our many drinks on the floor while we were playing pool and came back multiple times to check on us and take more drink orders. She was hot, friendly, and topless to boot so that was nice. I'd definitely go back.

Reviewed By BarFly User hellotyler on March 3, 2007, 2:09 pm
Great bar

I work here and think it's the best place ever to work. The Bar ROCKS! Total friendly dancers and staff, great prices and awesome food and drinks ;O)

Reviewed Anonymously by Machelle on January 8, 2007, 3:02 pm
hottest chics

your all gay.. dv8 has the hottest chics.. charlie is the hottest women on the planet.. and olivia is the best bartender ive ever encountered.. period

Reviewed Anonymously by casey on November 10, 2006, 2:44 am
This place Sucks!

A buncha busted naked chicks (put the clothes back on!), ugly horny clientel, and methed out bartenders that think they're hot(put on a bar, gramma, or at least learn to make a drink!). I'm ashamed this thing belongs to the town I call home. The guys there must have an E.T. or Gollum fettish.

Reviewed Anonymously by John M on November 16, 2005, 12:44 am
Best Dancer

BB is the best dancer in Portland...there is no other...

Reviewed Anonymously by Tim on October 31, 2005, 1:55 pm
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