Shanghai Tunnel

211 SW Ankeny Portland, OR 97204
Phone: (503) 220.4001

Located in: Downtown Portland - Visit Website
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BarFly's Review of Shanghai Tunnel

The actual Shanghai tunnels, the legendary series of underground labyrinths built to convey roofied (or whichever) boozehounds to the waterfront for press-ganged service on steamers bound for parts East, always seemed best left to those Discovery Channel-obsessives who'd waste a Scotland jaunt hunting Nessie, but, descending the stairs of Shanghai Tunnel: The Bar, Chinoiserie and gutterpunk flourishes within intricately-ramshackle design imagineering a well-appointed and recently-excavated opium den, hard not to be swept along.

The Shang (or, preferably, the Tun) has managed to maintain a loyal core of hipster/rocker/professionally-cool regulars even while attracting (as ground zero for the weekend douche parade staggering tween Barracuda and Kells) the more well-behaved nightclubber.

Fresh-squeezed, reasonably-priced cocktails help, of course, as does an excellent menu boasting late night noodle-bowls and a gardenburger genuinely better and less healthy than the alternative, but, more than the servers' casual dignity or top volume rawk or barely-lit interiors, we believe tourists are largely dissuaded by that swirling aura suggesting lives and activities perhaps dangerous, certainly not understood, and very much Old Portland.

Pool x1

Shanghai Tunnel's Happy Hours
Monday$1 off beer, $2 off well, $3+ menu 5-7pm everyday
Tuesday$1 off beer, $2 off well, $3+ menu 5-7pm everyday
Wednesday$1 off beer, $2 off well, $3+ menu 5-7pm everyday
Thursday$1 off beer, $2 off well, $3+ menu 5-7pm everyday
Friday$1 off beer, $2 off well, $3+ menu 5-7pm everyday
Saturday$1 off beer, $2 off well, $3+ menu 5-7pm everyday
Sunday$1 off beer, $2 off well, $3+ menu 5-7pm everyday

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Reader Reviews of Shanghai Tunnel
Shanghai Tunnel has 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings and 30 user reviews.
Bar staff RUINED our night!

I LOVE this bar. Great atmosphere, clientele and most of their staff. HOWEVER, this past Friday night, while on a date with my husband, one of the bartenders and a barback started screaming at us and had us thrown out. Asked the bartender to give me my credit card back. He wouldn't even LOOK. Not saying we are angels. Had a few and got pretty blasted. But, we have NO idea why we were thrown out. The barback grabbed my purse and jacket and threw them outside! Bartender said his name is Walter. Don't know if that is the truth. Am so sad to say goodby to The Shanghai.

Reviewed Anonymously by A. Barnhart on December 16, 2012, 3:20 pm

Went there my first time in Portland because somebody recommended them for their bloody's. I try to go back every time I'm in town. I love their bloody's and the atmosphere. It's a great place for happy hour and to just chill and play some pool or poker machines. The only bad thing is that they aren't open before I think 5. Sucks that the best place for bloody's isn't open earlier!

Reviewed Anonymously by Laura on December 27, 2010, 11:04 pm
Great bar, Terrible Service

The Shanghai Tunnel is, by far, my favorite bar in Portland. I love it there. The food's great, the drinks are reasonably priced and there's pinball. Who doesn't love pinball?

Unfortunately, the last few times I've been in, the same downstairs bartender has been awful. Her attitude is completely terrible. She acts like it's a huge chore to make a drink. I generally order Tanqueray and tonic, so not that tough to make. Also, I was a bartender in college, so I generally tip $2/drink, regardless of the service. I'm not asking for her to be my new best friend. But it would be nice if she didn't make it seem like the fact that I'm drinking in her bar is a burden.

Since this is my favorite place, it makes me sad to say, but I'm looking around for a new favorite bar. Preferably one that appreciates my business.

Reviewed Anonymously by MJ on September 23, 2010, 2:50 pm
Rocks and Rolls

Awesome atmosphere, cool staff, fellow patrons don't eavesdrop, Linda rocks my world. Guess you could say I like this place.

Reviewed Anonymously by Jack on the Rocks on March 30, 2008, 5:23 am
Filthy and Smokey, i Still Love It.

Kind of found this place by accident. Glad I did, This place was filth, smokey,dim lit but I loved it anyways. The drink prices were great compared to the corporate bars that surround it. They play good music. From the looks of the kitchen I was afraid to order any food there but this place its a great place to get a descent if not cheap drink and meets some cool people.

Reviewed By BarFly User scottie2hottie on March 4, 2008, 4:42 pm
hidout from the streets

This bar is a great place to hideout when the streets of portland start to get crowded with young screaming drunks on the weekends. The bartenders here have always been very friendly. Over the years I have seen the tenders change many times however they always have provided great service even when the bar is fucking packed on the weekends. The drinks aren't typically the strongest, but good for downtown, no doubt. It is even nicer there now since they added an air conditioner. It used to get unbearably hot downstairs.

Reviewed By BarFly User ed2020 on December 9, 2007, 1:37 pm
Richard's dreamy 'tache

Bartender/lawyer Richard is the only man alive who makes a mustache look cool. Go check it out before he gets a real job and quits!

Reviewed Anonymously by LIz H. on October 28, 2007, 12:40 pm
Good Drinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome drinks, and they tasted like lemonade also the guy carded me and said it's because I look under age, not just because he had to. And did I mention good drinks? Man, they tasted like lemonade but they were lemon drops. The best I ever tasted. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yreah. Yeah. Yeah.

Reviewed By BarFly User PrincessHikaru on August 21, 2007, 11:25 pm
Will.. Doorguy & Barback

There is a new doorguy @ Shanghai Tunnels from Ga. "ya'll". GRRRRREAT!!! Dreaded kid who's easy on the eye, smart, witty and will hug and thank you for coming by. The bartenders are great too. Drinks, smiles and all around jovial moods makes Shanghai a winner!!!

Reviewed Anonymously by Jenny b on June 23, 2007, 3:03 pm
happy hours

Kyle - pretty sure that their HH ends at 7pm

Reviewed By BarFly User Yamada on March 30, 2007, 12:52 pm
Love It

The Shanghai Tunnel was one of the first bars I wandered into when I moved to Portland, and it quickly became a favorite. Cheap happy hour, funky atmosphere and friendly but not "weird, too happy and bubbly" folks behind the bar. Haven't tried anything but appetizers so far...the nachos are great! The basement does get a bit crowded on the weekends, but during the week, it's a great place to bring friends.

Reviewed Anonymously by Grace on January 5, 2007, 5:12 pm
mmm fries

Really good french fries served late at night, I think.

Reviewed Anonymously by 37th&Starky on November 18, 2006, 10:01 pm
The Salad Days

Yeah, Shanghai used to be great years ago but it's still an okay place to hang, has good beer and the staff are chill. oh, and Phil didn't fire everyone, Sid still works there and she rocks.

Reviewed By BarFly User Yamada on June 1, 2006, 5:52 pm
One of the best in town

This has got to be one of the best places in Downtown PDX to get a good bite to eat and listen to some great music. Very dark atmosphere, as if you've just walked into a bar in the movie "Bladerunner." Great food, service is a bit slow, but extremely friendly. I love this place, and it's within walking distance if you live downtown (you mean you don't?? HAHAHA lame-o's)

Reviewed Anonymously by Jackattack on March 21, 2006, 4:33 pm
Deserves a second look

I don't know what you guys are talking about. I think this place is great. The upstairs bar has a hot new bartender that provides excellent service and drinks. It will be the perfect spot to people watch this summer. There are tables on the sidewalk and the windows open up to the passers-by. The food is yummy,try the Zappata. Mmmm

Reviewed Anonymously by Billie on March 20, 2006, 9:29 am
don't listen to these people's nonsense

we do not understand everyone's fascination with the service at the shanghai. how can one complain about 1.50 rainers and 1.75 session beers?? for those of you who like your bum licked, head over to some overstaffed trendy establishment where you can pay out your bum (which is presently being licked) for your drinks.

Reviewed Anonymously by joshua and niki on February 4, 2006, 9:01 pm
eery yet cozy

One of my favorite bars in town. The biggest drawbacks - smokey as hell and always crowded, thus the service is pretty slow. Also, bad for parking since it's in the downtown club zone. But love the atmosphere. Eery and cozy at the same time.

Reviewed Anonymously by Tereza on January 27, 2006, 10:09 pm
Well well well

went there a few nights ago, and immediately liked the underground idea and the dim lights. The feeling soon came to a hault with the service. I ordered a drink that was soon followed with "are you going to be ordering anything else?"...I left within 5 minutes and spent my money elsewhere

Reviewed Anonymously by M@ on December 27, 2005, 11:15 pm

Got drinks at ST last night, and had magnificent service from the lovely, charming Daphne. With classic southern charm, she served up a barfull of flies, managing to give everyone her full attention while carrying on a conversation about our native dixieland with yours truly. A few more bartenders like Daphne scattered around Portland might transform our town's notoriety for shitty service.

Reviewed Anonymously by ShanRock on December 7, 2005, 10:08 pm

Food is bland and overpriced. The bowls are 99% rice, not even enough sauce, much less protein. Service is mediocre at best. Drinks are stiff, but also too spendy. Not recommended.

Reviewed Anonymously by unless on October 27, 2005, 9:00 pm

this bar has shifted from being a great place to a fratty meathead bar. it started when they fired the entire staff a year or two back. bummed.

Reviewed Anonymously by bummed on October 20, 2005, 10:24 pm
Shanghai Tunnel!

This place is unique because once you go inside the building you have to go around the corner, downstairs, around the corner & downstairs again, and then you're are smack down underneath Portland's street---Very different. And the drinks at Shanghai are worth the price, because they are very stiff.

Reviewed Anonymously by GirlieGirl! on July 19, 2005, 9:58 pm
used to be cool

untill phil fired everyone. just full of turds on both sides of the bar. just like 15 nad berbattie.... pfft

Reviewed Anonymously by hey on April 20, 2005, 4:17 pm

In order to get the WiFi to work you'll need to use this code for excryption: 5038675309

The downside is the slow router and excryption slows it down even more. The place still rocks.

Reviewed Anonymously by Wireless on February 1, 2005, 5:53 pm

She's fine, but what's with the jaded service?

Reviewed Anonymously by Dresser on February 1, 2005, 3:36 pm
Don't dis the girl with glasses!

I think she's ultra fine, and reasonably friendly. And they pour Guinness in 20 oz pints for 4 bucks. And the udon General bowls are freakin' awesome.

Reviewed Anonymously by torrid on January 21, 2005, 8:36 am
You're Right

We agree with you, D.V. Since Scorch was fired and the girl with glasses works there it's turned to shit.

Reviewed Anonymously by Jason on December 12, 2004, 9:15 pm
yeah right

this place is getting lame and some of the staff are about as friendly as a 2x4

Reviewed Anonymously by d.v. aunt on December 12, 2004, 4:18 pm
a good place for a few drinks...

it's dark and seedy enough in their that women don't thrust their heaving bossoms at me and beg me to bang them so it's a nice place to drink a few Olympia Pounders and pour hot wax from the unmanicured candles all over myself.

Reviewed Anonymously by Abe L. on November 29, 2004, 7:24 pm
First and Giveth

This has to be my favorite watering hole in town. Even after happy hour the beers are cheap. I also like the low light the chinese candles give off. If you're looking for ambience then this is the place. They often play a good mix of Indie music. They just added a bar upstairs, but I usually just park it downstairs at the bar. Potstickers and dollar pabst are a must.

Reviewed Anonymously by Dana Kelly on November 28, 2004, 5:46 pm
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