Peter's Bar and Grill (CLOSED)

5701 NE Fremont St. Portland, OR 97213
Phone: (503) 460.0544

Located in: Northeast Portland
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BarFly's Review of Peter's Bar and Grill (CLOSED)

Appears to be closed, 2014. Formerly, Peter's 19th Hole. BarFly's last review is saved for posterity, below.

Open 11:30am-11pm Monday-Thursday, 11:30am-12am Friday and Saturday, 9:30am-10pm Sunday.

Pool x 1 (free!), TV x 6 (NFL Sunday ticket).

$1.50 select import, $3 well, $3 micros, $3-6 menu, 3-6pm, and 9pm-close, Monday-Friday.

Sundays: $5 biscuit w/ gravy, all day, $5 Bloody Marys, $3 Mimosas

Mondays: $7 pulled pork nachos, $2 dom pints. 

Tuesdays: Taco Tuesdays ($1-$4 selections), $5 margaritas, $1 off call tequila.

Wednesdays: Shanrock's Triviology (7pm; free! Fun fact: Peter's was where Shanrock set her trivia ball rolling, back in the day!), $1 off call whiskey. 

Thursdays: $5 for 2 tallboys + a plate of tots (cheap date, anyone?).

Fridays: $10 fish & chips, $4 Guinness pints.

Saturdays: $6 chili and cornbread. 



Peter's Bar and Grill (CLOSED) 's Happy Hours
Monday$1.50 select import, $3 well, $3 micros, $3-6 menu, 3-6pm, and 9pm-close, Monday-Friday.
Tuesday$1.50 select import, $3 well, $3 micros, $3-6 menu, 3-6pm, and 9pm-close, Monday-Friday.
Wednesday$1.50 select import, $3 well, $3 micros, $3-6 menu, 3-6pm, and 9pm-close, Monday-Friday.
Thursday$1.50 select import, $3 well, $3 micros, $3-6 menu, 3-6pm, and 9pm-close, Monday-Friday.
Friday$1.50 select import, $3 well, $3 micros, $3-6 menu, 3-6pm, and 9pm-close, Monday-Friday.
SaturdayAlas, no happy hour today.
SundayAlas, no happy hour today.

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Peter's Bar and Grill (CLOSED)  Portland

Reader Reviews of Peter's Bar and Grill (CLOSED)
Peter's Bar and Grill (CLOSED) has 3 out of 5 based on 2 ratings and 27 user reviews.
Bar Closue

Windows all covered with newspaper. Peter's Bar and grill permanently closed???

Reviewed Anonymously by Marianne on August 31, 2014, 8:56 am

Gone from -did not expect much BUT the bartender always hustled and knew my drink and I could grab a sandwich- to new owners who were going to spruce the place up but it went down hill -I think they generally try But the over all impression is that they are worried about how THEY are doing instead of how the customers are doing and worrying about the bottom line in such a tranparent way (I mean I get that feeling) just is not going to build business. I don't think they have a lot of experience. I have been in the SIN and I get it.... Figure out your TRUE identity and then do it well. Want to be a little more upscale go for it/ If you are going to have wine then know how to serve it (not at 80 degrees...) the menu is too big and the server/bartender? is trying to hustle but just doesnt have their multi tasking chops and the owner/manager just doesnt seem to have the experience to back her up.

Reviewed Anonymously by debmykar on August 3, 2010, 4:30 pm
New Owner

New menu is great! Totally cleaned up and worth a/another visit!

Reviewed Anonymously by Una on July 18, 2010, 2:37 am

broar, roar toar whar rar blar har star har far nar nia.

Reviewed Anonymously by Una on March 25, 2008, 1:55 pm
maybe I'm biased...

First of all, I must admit that I work at Peter's. I've been there about 2 months and close 3 nights a week. I've heard that the person I replaced had a little attitude problem, which may have accounted for the earlier bad reviews. I'm not blaming anyone, but just for the record, I really like my job and it shows. Our prices are as follows: Happy Hour (4-7 everyday) wells are 2.50, PBR 2.25, Bud and Bud Light, 2.50, micros 3.50, and most other liqours are also $1.00 off. We also have 3 drink specials on the board every day. I think our liquor prices are great. $2.00 Bloody Mary's all weekend and $3.00 Spanish Coffees all the time? I have worked at many other bars in Portland and Peter's is comparable if not cheaper than many. PBR prices suck, I know. They are 2.75 during regular hours and that is simply too high. I think our other beers, though, are priced reasonably. As for the food, well, I am vegan so I really cannot eat anything on the menu, save the occasional french fry, so I can't really offer an opinion on that. I do serve a lot of food, though, and I can honestly say that I have only had one complaint (undercooked burger) that was immediately remedied by my cook. I'd hope that if anyone else had a problem with their meal they would let us know so we could fix it or refund their money. As for the games, I always turn up the TVs when there is a game on. If I don't have the game up and I notice someone watching, I ask if they would like me to turn it up. Again, I'd hope people would simply tell me if they want a game turned up. I'd be glad to. I guess this isn't really a review, more like a rebuttal, but after reading so many negative statements about my bar I just couldn't help it. Cheers!

Reviewed Anonymously by Krista on February 22, 2008, 11:47 am

Food and drinks are a little too spendy for the area. I first ordered the $3.00 PBR then the $6.00 Greyhound. The fries were soggy and the burger undercooked. Service was crappy then when she came to our table finally it was rude and snotty. My friend had a steak thing and it was awful awful awful....

Reviewed Anonymously by Kelly on July 24, 2007, 3:08 pm

I don't drink PBR ever, but my firends who do were not all that thrilled with the price tag. I tried 3 micros on draft before going to bottles because apparently they either don't sell much micro stuff or they don't get their lines cleaned regularly. The beer was skunky and sour tasting. The food we ordered was awful. The new chef must not have been on duty because I saw this slop as no better than standard Denny's fare at 2am after it sat on the heat rack for 15 minutes. The place was dead empty except for our group of 8 and we were the only ones there yet the service was absolutely awful and this is a happy hour time when most places are at their busiest :( Don't go... save yourself the money and the headache. Plus my credit card was double nice:)

Reviewed Anonymously by Dylan on May 25, 2007, 4:39 pm
new cook/new food

Peter's is great, but after going there at least once a week for three years, it's nice to have some juicy new items on the menu. Lucky for us, Jason is cooking there now, whipping up unique specials each week (though fear not - Names' solid repertoire of delectable soups is still on the menu . . . soup so good that it inspired me to burst out in song on at least one occasion). Jason is also the chef at the new Albina Green (5128 N. Albina) . . . stay tuned for an official Barflymag review.

Reviewed Anonymously by Dylan on April 28, 2007, 11:47 am

This is getting fun now! It still sucks to charge $2.75 for PBR..... I dont care what anyone says!

Reviewed By BarFly User Edella on April 9, 2007, 10:11 pm

close the shop a little early Don?

Reviewed By BarFly User Yamada on April 9, 2007, 4:27 pm

Yormordor, ahdrharh harroar oard moarroar. Hoar oar port shore. Pourpour more boat oar. Roar roar roar.

Reviewed Anonymously by Don on April 9, 2007, 4:06 pm
oy vey

yes, the drink specials can be a very normal jack & coke or whatever. my point is i don't want a jack & coke and some others seem to think i'm stupid cus i'm not ordering what's on special.

"Grizzled regulars like Don" - not sure i would use Don as a selling point for this bar.

Reviewed By BarFly User Yamada on April 9, 2007, 3:55 pm
Banana Daiquiris are MIA

Just so readers aren't misled . . . this is NOT the place to go for "foo foo" drinks. Peter's has many strengths, but offering girly drinks with umbrellas is not one of them (I pretty sure they don't even have a blender). The drink specials they offer are usually basic, time-tested highballs: rum & coke, gin & tonic, maybe a Makey Make on the rocks. Grizzled regulars like Don don't seem to miss blended blueberry margueritas when they're watching the game on "the dark side." I do understand that Peter's makes wonderful Bloody Marys, though - which any barfly knows is a great perennial "hair of the dog that bit you" cure. I don't like BMs myself, so I usually just lay on the couch and watch "Wet Hot American Summer" and eat potatoes until the cruel hangover recedes.

Reviewed By BarFly User Yamada on April 9, 2007, 2:09 pm
you're right

why should i expect something i want (a stupid PBR) at a reasonable price? let's just have the bar decide what i want to drink! sorry, sometimes i'm slow but all of you guys have finally convinced me. let's go have a few spanish coffees (or whatever foo foo drink is on special) and watch the game, huh?

Reviewed By BarFly User Yamada on April 9, 2007, 1:06 pm
Jackie rocks

I'm really tempted to write this all in Caps just to piss off Kyle.

I go to Peter's every Wednesday night for trivia (hosted by the inimitable Shanrock) and am always amazed at how awesome Jackie is. By your second trip to the bar she will know your name, by your third trip she will know what you drink, and by your 4th trip she will open up and tell you intimate information like her favorite song is "That's What Friends Are For."

The best Triviajock in all the land paired hand in hand with one of the finer bartenders in Portland equals super swell Wednesday nights.

As for the $3 Pabst, I agree with "Vinny" in that the drink specials are so ridiculous that purchasing a Pabst should never even enter your thought process. And that's not just because Pabst gives you the shits.


Reviewed By BarFly User Lord Aaron Reichenberger of the Makey Make on April 5, 2007, 5:24 pm

cockroach in the food? damn, Pete's food was bad but never *that* bad when i went there. anyway, i'll look for ya downtown ... hope you guys had a great new years. me? i got toasted at the Ash ... my BTs told me i behaved. hope they aren't lyin' cus i don't rememeber anything after midnight. peace, Yamada

Reviewed By BarFly User Yamada on January 2, 2007, 9:11 am

YAMANDA, I will definately look you up!!! I would have a heck of a time thinking of an original name if I bought a bar :) So I won't buy one!!! I can't think of one I have liked lately except for an elbow shaped Martini bar in tiny downtown Gresham of course called the ELBOW ROOM. ((Which Kyle should review when he goes out to Gresham to review Quagmires :)) I highly recommend it! Terrific Happy Hour. I think the whole SPIRITS name may come from the idea of the Cemetary in close proxemity as well as the SPIRITS served. Now Peters 19th HOLE...not very original, let me guess the owner is named PETER!? :) But the nearest golf course really should be a little closer than Columbia to have a golf-ish type name. Now to my most recent experience at PETERS 19th Hole in the wall.... I went back with friends to watch a game, I ordered a very nice Dirty Martini. I made the big mistake ordering food. I prefer cock roach free food, and the meal we had there not only did mine have a roach in it, my friends burger did as well :( YUCK, so if you go skip the food.

Reviewed By BarFly User Edella on December 24, 2006, 5:04 am

hmmm, not the most original name but it's cool your neighborhood (stumbling distance) is getting (hopefully) a decent bar. Edella, if you & your boy are ever downtown in Shanghai Tunnel/Ash St/Yamhill just ask the BTs if Nik (me)is there. i'll buy you guys a PBR

Reviewed By BarFly User Yamada on December 12, 2006, 12:52 pm

Yamada, we need to hang out!!! :) The Loading Zone (not Dock) is being remodeled. Can't wait to see the outcome. I went to the neighborhood meeting and from what I hear it sounds like it will be a good place to hang your hat and not pay a fortune to do so ;) Out with the old and in with the new. They are remodeling it in and out and putting in a full bar too. Hints I caught say sometime after New Years they will be reopening under the name "SPIRITS".

Reviewed By BarFly User Edella on December 11, 2006, 5:59 pm

What part of "The Loading Zone was a nightmare!" did you not understand? yeah, a shithole ... i agree. D&M a shithole? sure, all i said was the beer was cheap. And Pete's? you notice Pete's doesn't have any horns right? That's an intelligence test too Vinnie. get it?

Reviewed By BarFly User Yamada on December 11, 2006, 12:37 pm
Why are you drinkin" pabst anyway?

Dudes, get a grip on yourselves. The Loading Dock ? Dreams and Memories?? Those places are COMPLETE shithole. Peter's has nice batenders (Jackie rules), is half smoking half non smoking, a decent kitchen, and is good place to catch a game. You see hipsters, those tv's are there to watch sport games, this is a sports bar, get it? Rarely is the sound of the game on, so you can always just listen to the music and take in the sights of Fremont or 57th ave, your choice. As for the high pabst price, who care? It's an intelligence test. Peter's has 2 buck bloodies all weekend, 3 buck spanishes always, and almost always has a good drink special for 2 or 3 dollars. If you're still complaining about the price of pabst you've failed the test.

Reviewed Anonymously by Vinnie on December 10, 2006, 11:45 am
Wow. Fool me too?

I, too was in there on Nov. 4 and had to wait some insane amount of time to get my $3.00 PBR....although she comped it for us having to wait so long. I also live very close to this place and am sad to see nobody but maybe a busy BT to have any interaction with. Wish it didn't have so many big-ass tv's for everyone to A.D.D out on. Plus, $3 for PBR? Everyone knows PBR is CHEAP beer....dang.

Reviewed Anonymously by Liss on November 6, 2006, 2:42 pm
Fool Me 4 Times

I live directly around the corner from this place, so when I had crappy service, an expensive burnt hockey puck for a burger, and retartedly expensive pabst, I figured I would give it another shake after a few weeks, maybe staffing problems. Not so much, twice. The last two times the waitstaff just plain forgot my beer order and I had to order from my waitress at the bar. To make matters worse, I made sure to tip well since I wanted the staff to remember me in a positive light the next time I came in. Not a shitty tipper or uppity customer, now just a bitter ex-customer.

Reviewed Anonymously by Steve on November 4, 2006, 3:28 pm

Thanks Yamada...I know of McPeets. It is good but it is not within walking distance of b/f house :) Crawling distance that is. :)) The Loading Zone...I hear through the rumor mill (not sure if it is true or not, but from a fairly reliable source) is getting new owners and a little facelift, as well as I think (hope) a name change. I am excited. I went to Peter's last night and there were actually 3 people in there. But you are right the prices are way too much for the area. It is a fun place for the trivia is what a guy told me last night. I may pop in for that some night, but other than that I am steering clear of this overpriced *yawn* boring place.

Reviewed By BarFly User Edella on August 18, 2006, 12:39 pm

I used to live in that area. it sucked! Peter's had a couple of nice BT ... but the crowd and the price for PBR (2.75 i think?) sucked. Dreams & Memories is passable ... at least the beer is cheap. The Loading Zone was a nightmare!

Try McPeet's. It's worth the walk/short drive

good luck!

Reviewed By BarFly User Yamada on August 17, 2006, 6:13 pm

This place is appropriately across the street from a cemetery. Every time I have been there (3 times) it is dead. As in me and the bartender no other customers. It is really not that great of a hangout. That Dreams and Memories up the street is better (trashy, but more fun) same with Rove-in up Fremont. I hear rumor that the old Loading Zone is reopening under new ownership soon. Good thing since my b/f just bought a house in the area. So that should help this area bar wise. Alameda ridge is better than Peters too. This area needs a cool bar! Dammit!

Reviewed By BarFly User Edella on August 16, 2006, 12:35 pm
Peter's rocks

No, that's not a sexual reference. Sicko. (Although if you put "Don't let him show you what he calls... in front of the subject, I would laugh.) Trivia night is fun, I'm in love with all the BT girls, and best of all Peter's has air conditioning. How can you go wrong with that?

Reviewed Anonymously by Bob on August 4, 2005, 5:08 pm
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