Kit Kat Club

231 SW Ankeny St Portland, OR 97209
Phone: () .

Located in: Downtown Portland & near Northwest Portland - Visit Website
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BarFly's Review of Kit Kat Club

New dance/rock club from the owner of Dante's, in the former Berbati's Pan space.

Yes, it's yet another strip club, but with its jewel-box looks and varied array of exotic entertainments, Kit Kat is far more on the burly-q tip, less on the gynecological end, of the titty bar spectrum.

A la Dante's Sunday night staple, Sinferno, expect artful acts from some of Portland's top dancers, deejays, comedians, and neo-Vaudevillians, depending on the night. 

Unique among all strip clubs, if you get a boner here, you can blame it on the pervasive scent of doughnuts, pleasantly pumping in 24/7 from the neighboring Voodoo I.

Outside tables in the shared Euro-style alleyway on Ankeny, offer smoking/drinking/people-watching ops aplenty.

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